Anupama Weitten Update 10th July 2024: Anupama is angry with Babuji

anupama written update

Anupama Weitten Update 10th July 2024

In today’s episode, Vanraj tells Babuji that he wants to demolish their old house and build a new tower. But Babuji disagrees with this decision. He feels that the house is not just made of brick and wood, it is the container of their family’s memories, love, and traditions.

Babuji reminds Vanraj how hard he worked to build this house. He wants Vanaraj to do whatever he wants for his children, not destroy this house.

Vanraj says with frustration that he wants to strike a balance between his parents, wife, and children. But he cannot live without them.

Finally, Babuji tells Banraj that they have to accept their decision. Anupama is angry with Babuji’s decision. He prohibited Vanraj from signing the NOC.

Vanraj tries to convince Anupama that building the tower will be good for everyone. But Anupama remained steadfast. She said, “This house is our life. If it breaks, we break too.”

Pakhi and Kavita support Anupama. They say that Vanraj only looks out for his own interests. Vanraj gets angry and asks Anuj to leave with Anupama. He says he loves Anupama and has to think about his children too.

But Anupama stops him. He says that if Vanraj really thought about his children, he would not have decided to demolish this house.

Vanraj broke down in despair. He doesn’t know what to do. He sat and discussed with his family members.

Toshu and Pakhi decide to go to Vanraj’s parents themselves to get their signatures. But Kavya gets angry and complains to Vanraj that all this is happening because of his daughter. Vanraj says with frustration that he wants to respect everyone’s relationship.

Finally, Babuji comes to a decision. He will sell his house and share it with everyone. He does not want any more pain after death.

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