Jhanak written updates 6th July 2024: Can Anirudh save Jhanak?

jhanak written updates

Let’s start with the Starplus serial Jhanak written updates, everyone is very furious about Jhanak’s punishment. Jhanak was arrested and brought before the inspector. Dadi is expressing her anger against Jhanak. Shrishti explains her relationship with Jhanak. The inspector is interrogating Jhanak on charges of attempted murder.

Jhanak written episode:

The story begins with Shristi’s words, that Jhanak should be punished. Dadi agrees with her and says the culprit should be punished. Choton asks the police inspector to investigate. The inspector assured them. But Chhotan thinks that there is only one charge against Jhanak, that of trying to burn Arshi. Shristi stops him and asks not to impress the inspector. Shubo and Lal also stop Chhotan.

This time Bipasha brought Jhanak down. Shristi informs the inspector that Jhanak is her distant relative, but does not live in her house. Jhanak will now stay at Shristi’s son-in-law’s house. The inspector asks Jhanak her name, and Jhanak says Jhanak Raina. The inspector asks what is her relationship with this family. Jhanak says nothing.

The inspector arrests Jhanak for trying to burn Arshi. Dadi taunts Jhanak. A black cloud of danger has fallen on Jhanak! Jhanak is interrogated by the police inspector regarding the tragic death of Arshi. Jhanak claims it was a freak accident, but Shristi’s deposition implicates her.

Despite Anjana’s prohibition, Srishti was taken to the police station. Chhotan wanted to keep his mouth shut but grandmother stopped him. Bablu recounts his trauma while taking Jhanak into custody. The inspector asked Bablu did anyone had asked your advice. Constable takes Jhanak to the police station.

Jhanak’s family believes in her innocence. They give courage to Jhanak and talk about informing Aniruddha.

Conversely, Mrinalini was busy with her work when Chotan suddenly appeared! Mrinalini calls Ramlal and asks him to throw him out. Chotan tells Mrinalini that he needs her help urgently. Mrinalini wants to know what is the matter. Chotan then said the police arrested Jhanak! Mrinalini surprised! She asks, “Do you know why the police arrested Jhanak?” Chhotan then says he has seen everything. Arshi is admitted to the hospital.

Mrinalini says, “Can you be an eyewitness?” Chotan replies, “Yes if you help!” But Mrinalini wants proof. Chhotan has no photos or videos. Frustrated, Chhotan wants to leave. But Mrinalini stops him. He says, “Stop kid. I’ll help you.”

Jhanak arrested! Hearing this news, Anirudh’s head felt like lightning. Jhanak, the girl for whom he could die, how did she end up in such danger? After Jhanak’s arrest, Anirudh takes swift action to save her. He goes to Jhanak first and asks how she can be saved. Jhanak says with frustration that there is no way. But Anirudh does not give up. He assures Jhanak that he will help her.

But Jhanak doesn’t want to take Anirudh’s help. She thinks there is better work for Anirudh. But Anirudh knows that Jhanak is innocent. He tells Jhanak that he will do whatever it takes for her. Jhanak had a recording of the incident. Anirudh tries to find that recording. He knows that if he gets the recording it will be possible to save Jhanak.

Anirudh takes Chhotan’s help. Chhotan is Jhanak’s friend and he also wants to save Jhanak. They meet with a wise man and request him to find the recording. Anirudh makes many requests to the wise man for Jhanak. He tells the wise man that Jhanak is innocent and must be saved. The wise man is impressed by Anirudh’s sincerity and decides to help save Jhanak.

Anirudh does a lot for Jhanak. He reassures Jhanak. Jhanak is deeply touched by Anirudh’s love and sincerity.

But what will be the fate of Jhanak? Can Anirudh save Jhanak? keep in touch for the next episode updates.

jhanak written update

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