This Is Me...Now is the singer's first new album since the release of This Is Me...Then 20 years ago.

By Koushik

She announced a brand new album, This Is Me...Now, twenty years after the release of This Is Me...Then.

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In the days leading up to her big drop, the star's social media went dark. During the days leading up to her big drop, her social media was dark. She told instagram followers, 

"This is me then, this is me now," in an Instagram video that showed Lopez recreating the quilt from 2002's album. 

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She discusses her emotional, spiritual, and mental journey through the new book, "Marry Me."

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This announcement coincides with the announcement of her marriage to Ben Affleck, which was dedicated to him in her earlier album, as well as a release date.

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A fully self-produced album, this album marks the multihyphenate's return to writing and producing,

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and displays "a vulnerability that she has never shown to the world before," she said of this record,

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During the recording of her 9th studio album, the multihyphenate reverted to writing & producing, showing "a vulnerability that had never been displayed in the past."

The release says she will be combining her powerful vocals with upbeat 'celebrations of love' and confessional songs in a concert format.