Trolls Movie

New on netflix december 2022

New on Netflix's Kaiju Movie is a thrilling spectacle


if you enjoy watching Kaiju movies and Norwegian cinema and If you answered "YES!" to both of those questions, then today is your lucky day.

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The term "Kaiju" describes a Japanese subgenre of movies and television shows with enormous monsters. King Kong and Godzilla are two of the well-known Kaiju movies.

What is Kaiju ?

Netflix recently added a new title to its catalog, which is ideal for this weekend's viewing, especially for those who enjoy Norwegian and kaiju movies.

The intriguing new Norwegian monster film Troll has an intriguing premise. The story revolves around a troll that appeared in the Norwegian mountains and came to life. 

The enormous monster has made the decision to embark on a path of destruction because it is in no mood to play nice. 

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Troll is currently available on Netflix. Roar Uthaug, who also directed Tomb Raider and The Wave, is the film's director.

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A troll who had been imprisoned for 1,000 years is eventually awakened by an explosion in the Dovrefjell mountain range.

What's the Story Behind Netflix's Troll Film?

As it approaches the capital of Norway, the monster goes on the attack and begins destroying everything in its path. 

Our heroes, led by Nora Tidemann, a paleobiology expert, are tasked with saving their nation and, consequently, the entire world. 

Andreas Isaksen, a captain in the army, and her father, a specialist in Norse mythology, are assisting her in this endeavor.

In conclusion, Troll on Netflix might be the solution to all of your problems if you were interested in watching a kaiju film but are tired of seeing the same monsters over & over