Former Football player arrested in UVA Football Shooting last Sunday

UVA Football Shooting

UVA Football Shooting

UVA Football Shooting, Last Sunday night, while all Virginians were busy with their own business, an unpleasant and very shocking incident occurred. Three Virginia football players were reportedly killed by a gunman at the University of Virginia on Sunday night. During a news conference Monday, UVA President Jim Ryan confirmed that junior wide receiver Devin Chandler, junior wide receiver Lovell Davis Jr. and junior linebacker De’Sean Perry died of gunshot wounds.

Late Sunday night, a bus carrying UVA students returning from a class field trip pulled into the Culbreth parking garage with Ryan and UVA Police Chief Timothy Longo. Christopher Darnell Jones, a former Virginia football player and current UVA student, opened fire on the bus at approximately 10:30 p.m.

Two other victims, whose names have not been released, are receiving treatment as a result of the shooting: Devin Chandler, Lavelle Davis Jr. and De’Sean Perry. A complicated case and a good case diagnosed, Jim Ryan said.

UVA Football Shooting
UVA Football Shooting

In a fatal shooting at the University of Virginia, a former football player was arrested

UVA Police Chief Timothy Longo announced Monday that a suspect in the fatal shooting has been arrested. Watch Longo’s interview with UVA President Jim Ryan and more information about the shooting click here.

Chris Darnell Jones Jr., a former Virginia football player, has been identified as a suspect in last night’s fatal UVA shooting. The University of Virginia was attacked by a gunman on Sunday night, killing three people and injuring several others.

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