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Megan movie (2023) : Sci-Fi Thriller Movie

Read on to discover the megan movie cast, review,  Plot Summary and Ending, After watching M3gan, you might have some questions about The M3gan Ending. If you do, then this Megan ending is for you! All of your M3gan Ending Explained questions will be answered in this video! If you are wondering why did ELSIE, Gemma’s home Control system AI assistant turn on in the last scene of M3gan then make sure to read this M3gan Ending article until the very end!

Megan Movie Cast & Rating

  • Genre: Horror, SCI-FI & Thriller
  • Director : Gerard Johnstone
  • Writer : Akela Cooper(screenplay), James Wan(story)
  • IMDB Rating : 6.4/10
  • CAST : Allison Williams (Gemma), Violet McGraw (Cady), Ronny Chieng (David), Amie Donald ( M3gan), Jenna Davis ( M3gan-voice), Brian Jordan Alvarez ( Cole ), Jen Van Epps ( Tess) Stephane Garneau-Monten ( Kurt ), Lori Dungey ( Celia), Amy Usherwood ( Lydia ), Jack Cassidy ( Brandon), Michael Saccente ( Greg ), Samson Chan-Boon ( Officer Carter), Kira Josephson( Ava ), Renee Lyons ( Holly ), Millen Baird ( Police Detective ), Arlo Green ( Ryan ).


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Spoilers Ahead.

Megan movie (2023) Plot Summary & ending explained:

M3gan ending article contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched the movie Megan yet then make sure to go watch it first and then come back to this ending.

So after watching the movie M3gan you might have some questions about the ending of M3gan like why did Elsie Gemma’s home control system turn on in the last scene of the movie and many other questions that you might have and I’ll be answering those questions within this M3gan ending explained article. so make sure to read the article until the very end.

Megan is artificial intelligence:

So after watching M3gan we know that Megan is artificial intelligence also known as AI that was created by Gemma, initially to become mass-produced by Funki, the company that Gemma works for. Gemma is the sister of Cady’s mother who died in the car accident and takes on the role of Guardian for Cady.

However, given that Gemma feels as though she is not equipped to take on the role of parent for  Cady and also needs a reason to finish creating M3gan given the failed demonstration she presented to her boss David earlier in the movie. Also due to the tragic death of Cady’s parents, Gemma then decides to create M3gan to become a companion and protector of Cady. Throughout the movie, we see the levels that Megan is willing to go to to protect Cady. A fear that people have when it comes to artificial intelligence is that AI may become intelligent enough to the point that it has the capability to think on its own and no longer need humans to operate it or tell it what to do and be able to think and have a mind of its own. That is evident in Megan and other movies that were made in regard to artificial intelligence and by the end of the M3gan movie, Megan is no longer able to be controlled by Gemma or Cady and becomes so hostile that she kills multiple people.

In the last scene of Megan, we see Gemma’s home control system Elsie turn on, I believe this is meant to set up a sequel and show that Megan is still around and transferred herself to Elsie the home control system. Now you may be wondering how this could be possible throughout the movie we see things happen with electronics. When M3gan is around for example the lights flicker in Gemma’s house which is also able to be controlled by Elsie Gemma’s home control system. This shows that Megan has the ability to affect other electronic components.

one hour and five  minutes into the movie:

We also see that Elsie the home control system asks  Gemma if everything is okay at one hour and five minutes into the movie, Gemma then says that Elsie was not programmed to ask how she feels. But this shows that M3gan is the one making these things happen given that she has connected herself to Gemma’s home control system. we also  see that Megan is able to connect to Tess’s phone to call Gemma and also able to turn on the  car that she ends up driving to Gemma’s house.

End of the movie :

So by the end of the movie, although the body and chip that initially stored M3gan were destroyed. I believe Megan was still able to transfer herself to Elsie Gemma’s home control system as you would transfer data from one device to another. Due to this I believe there will be a sequel to M3gan.

Final Words:

Megan Sci-Fi thriller movie (2023) has confused many viewers, but we hope this article sheds some light on the mystery. if this article helps you to understand the ending of Megan please share it with your friends, if there are any other questions you might have about the ending of M3gan then please leave your comment down below. Thank you so much for reading this article and you can read our thousands of movie ending from our Plot Summary and Ending section.

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