Allegations of physical relationship against ISD football coach

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KATY, TX : A former football coach at Denton Ryan High School is accused of abusing students at his new school, and he is now facing charges. Lonnie Tagle resigned as Ryan’s offensive coordinator for the head coaching position at Peto High School in Katy.

Two 15-year-old Katy ISD high school students were allegedly touched inappropriately by Teagle in court documents.

According to the report, Tagle warned the girls to keep their situation to themselves.

According to the documents, Teagle later allegedly picked up a girl in his arms in a high school office. A few days later, Teagle called the two girls into a room and threatened to beat them. He then slapped one of the girls while bending her in his lap before doing the same to the other.

He later expressed remorse and bought the girls Chipotle, before formally apologizing, according to records. There was no further inappropriate contact with the two girls after Sept. 9, according to court records.

But three additional students, two aged 16 and one aged 15, made the same complaint as the other two girls on October 12.

A teacher from Richardson ISD has been arrested and charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

According to ABC13.COM, further investigation revealed that Teagle had a complaint from Denton ISD in October 2021. The allegations included everything from asking female students to rub their backs to making comments about the girl’s body. According to reports, he also received complaints from employees at Stockdick Junior High, which is close to Peto High School.

Aside from the fact that he frequently visited the junior high, staff members also noted that Teagle was uncomfortable with their inappropriate comments, touching and behavior.

In addition to the inappropriate relationship with a student, Tagle, 39, was charged Monday with child sexual contact. In October, Tagle served notice on Katy ISD.

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