DAV will host job fair in various cities from 20th July

upcoming job fair event

Disabled American Veterans going to host virtual and in-person job fairs from the 20th to the 27th of July in different cities, already more than 25 prospective employers have completed the signup process to participate in this.

In this event, you can get career counseling assistance, you will be helped to solve the detailed problems of resume design, also you will get many more opportunities. So if you are about to take your first step in the job world then this is a golden opportunity for you.

Job fairs hosted by Disabled American Veterans are going to be held in several cities. Veterans, their spouses, active-duty military personnel, and members of the National Guard and Reserve can participate in this event for free.

Let’s see when job fair is going to be held in which city

You will be surprised to know that DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Hosted event has already started, the first event started in Western California last July 11th. The July 12th was held at Fort Moore. The 13th of July event was at Tampa.

However, there are several more events to be held, starting from 20th July. Let’s come to the details of the upcoming events.

Upcoming Job fair event date and venue

20th july 2023Kansas City (In-Person)
20th july 2023Sacramento (In-Person)
20th july 2023Fort Carson (In-Person)
20th july 2023Raleigh (In-Person)
25th july 2023Central Region (Virtual)
27th july 2023Hampton (In-Person)
27th july 2023San Antonio (In-Person)
upcoming dates & venue

How to participate in the upcoming job fair event?

To participate in the event which is going to be held from 20th July, you have to go to the link given below, then complete the registration process by clicking on the register option next to the city you want to participate.

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